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End of line packaging

Box packer

Our box packers save you a lot of time thanks to innovative packaging techniques and ensure an appealing presentation of your products.


Mohrbach boxpacker: multipacking on smallest footprint

Box packers form boxes with hinged lid from a flat blank, mostly with display function. The products are grouped, either loaded from the side into the laterally opened side walls (side loading principle) or placed into the box from above (top loader). Then the box is closed. 

Mohrbach box packer offer highest flexibility in terms of blank design

Box packers are often used for tertiary packaging, e. g. for presentation of primary packed products in a display pack which is simultaneously suitable for transportation. There is a big variety of box designs which can be processed on the box packer. Different types of perforation allow removal of the lid and proper presentation as display in the store. Unpacking of the products in the store is no longer necessary, which leads to enormous savings.

In comparison to case packers, Mohrbach box packer exclusively process flat blanks. Compared to wrap-around packer, box packer allow higher performances in end-of-line packaging.