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Carton packaging machines

Packaging lines for sticks

Our sophisticated packaging lines for sticks are conceived individually according to your requirements and packaging.


Mohrbach packaging lines for sticks: state-of-the art at highest speeds

Since 2011 Mohrbach has been specialising in the development of packaging lines for sticks and sachets. No matter if pharmaceutical or dairy products, packaging lines for sticks must fulfill highest demands in terms of quality, reliability and performances. Mohrbach packaging lines for sticks consist of a box erecting machine, top loader, lid closer and case packer. Components like bar code reader, cameras, check weigher, printing units, etc. are integrated individually on the customers' demands. No matter if powder, liquids, granulates or dairy products: the top loader is adapted to each special requirement of the product: for a safe production. The stick packaging lines offer highest flexibility in terms of product grouping (number of products / box) and packaging design.


Always one step ahead with Mohrbach packaging lines for sticks

During the past years the demand for intelligent packaging concepts for portion packs like sticks and sachets has been growing from year to year, especially in the pharmaceutical and food sector. From this time on Mohrbach Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been developing innovative and sophisticated solutions for packaging lines in this area.
Together with our partner INVpack, manufacturer of stickpack machines and expert in innovative vertical form, fill and sealing machines, we offer the complete stick packaging process including support at all qualification processes especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

The innovation in our concepts is the flexibility of the line at the highest performance.

We developed and protected by patent an ergonomic blank design which allows enourmous savings in blank material. You can process different packaging designs, different groupings of products, even bulk production, on the line without major and time-consuming format changing. Options like the handling of the boxes individually at the filling position and sophisticated monitoring systems ensure a safe production at highest speeds with smooth handling of the products.

Mohrbach packaging lines for sticks are to be considered to be at this time the most innovative machine series for stick packaging on the market.