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Carton packaging machines


With our palettizing system you complete your packaging line with a sophisticated, reliable solution for an efficient production process.


Sophisticated palletizer to complete your packaging line

For transportation most of the products need to be packed on a pallet. With our flexible palletizer we complete your packaging line. Flexibility and smallest footprint: the requirements at palletizer are always the same. As distinguished from many other suppliers, we are not fixed on one palletizing technology, but consult you independently and neutrally. The selection of the proper palletizer depends on your demands and the particularities of your product. Special gripping systems allow simultaneous palletizing of different product sizes and weights. A central palletizing unit can handle the output of several production lines. In addition palletizing schemes can be defined individually at every time.

Mohrbach is expert for complete, fully automatic packaging lines up to the ready packed pallet

Supplementary to the fully automatic packaging lines with box erector, top loader, lid closer and multipacker, Mohrbach also offer a technology in terms of palletizing which is extremely modern and future-oriented. This allows a cost-efficient working at the end-of-line. We offer palletizing systems in different executions and for each weight of product. Basically we distinguish between layer palletizer, portal palletizer and robot palletizer. We are able to fulfill highest demands. With our accessories, e. g. intermediate layer dispensing, storage and magazines, grouping features, automatic pallet changing, wrapping and stretching units, we offer to you everything you need for your end-of-line packaging.