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Carton packaging machines


With our toploading machines, the focus is not only on the variety of grouping options, but also on gentle product handling.


Mohrbach top loaders offer maximum flexibility

High speed, precision, utmost effectivity, maximum flexibility – requirements on top loading systems are immense. Additionally, top loaders need to process a huge variety of products and comply to the particularities of the products, which require specific treatment.

No matter if bulk or piece goods, cubic, non-cubic or extremely fragile products: our sophisticated toploading solutions provide you with the smoothest process.

Our toploading solutions reliably transfer your products into your boxes

We care about your product. Thus, we do our utmost to protect them during the packaging process so it reaches the end user the way you expect. Mohrbach top loaders can be combined with our box erectors, box closers, lidding machines and case packing systems into complete, fully automatic packaging lines. Thanks to our modular design different feeding and grouping scenarios can easily be integrated.