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Carton packaging machines

Tray erectors

Our machines are designed according to your specifications. You determine all the requirements for performance and tray shapes – we implement them.


Mohrbach tray erectors form trays, display trays or crates from flat blanks

This results in considerable savings for you compared to pre-glued blanks. The blank material can either be cardboard or corrugated board. The trays are either glued with hotmelt, tucked or formed by turndown folding the lateral walls.
Mohrbach tray erectors are available in different sizes and executions. Depending on the desired speed and complexity of the folding sequences, we offer two different series of tray erectors.

Mohrbach tray erectors stand for time-tested technology

Mohrbach has been a specialist in producing highly flexible tray erectors since the 1970s. Even unusual packaging, such as different crate designs, hollow walls or tucked walls are handled with ease. Through years of technological advancement we have supplemented our tray erectors with toploaders, lidding machines and case packers. In combination with conveyors we will provide you with turnkey packaging lines.