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End of line packaging

Wrap-around packer

Our wrap-around packers offer a particularly tight and gentle packaging of your products.


Mohrbach wrap-around packer: flexibility on smallest footprint

In terms of multipacking, versatility is requested more and more an all areas. The design of the packaging changes often in shorter times. Wrap-around packer offer highest flexibility in terms of box design. They can process either trays or boxes with hinged lid. The products are positioned on the flat blank, which then forms the blank around the products. In doing so, the wrap-around packer unite erecting, filling and closing on smallest footprint.
Positioning of the products on the blank is mostly done by pushing the product onto the waiting blank.

With wrap-around packer you can reduce your costs considerably

Wrap-around packer can process economic blank concepts based on flat blanks, which provide considerable savings in material expenditures. They produce packages which are suitable for transportation as well as for the later presentation in the shelf, which allows savings in logistics and time. Wrap-around packer unite the functions of a complete packaging line in one integrated system, which bring for you savings in terms of investment costs and space: for a lean production.

In terms of end load packaging, the demands of our customers are: flexibility, product variety, smallest footprint plus many more. With our wrap-around packer we adapt to these demands and also understand special solutions for extraordinary packagings.