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Training program

Our trained personnel will prepare you and your staff for your new packaging line.


We share our knowledge with you

Individual trainings, which are adapted to each individual carton packaging machine, ensure a smooth process.

High-tech carton packaging machines make high demands on operators, who require an individual instruction. Our comprehensive trainings ensure that you and your employees will learn how to operate your new packaging machine efficiently and safely. On request, training can be made on your premises. However, we also are looking forward to welcoming you on our premises for a training during the FAT on our site.


Thanks to the documentation, your employees can quickly clarify any questions that arise and read them in detail.  


For your reference: a written documentation of your new machine.

We deliver a documentation in printed form or stored on a data carrier with every single packing machine. This allows a better understanding of your new machine and quick and detailed answers to any questions that may arise.